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Motionlogic provides sound analyses of traffic and movement streams based on anonymous signalling data from the mobile communication network. In a financially viable way, we give answers to questions that previously couldn't be analysed or that could only be done so at great expense.

Traffic patterns offer one example:

  • How many people travel between cities or between certain parts of cities?

  • How high is the volume of traffic on a given route?

  • To what extent does footfall vary on a certain shopping street per day or per week?

Our projections can offer significant support in making strategic decisions and operational improvements in the transport and other industries. Our goal is generating a deeper understanding of traffic and movement streams, so as to provide a basis for both enterprises and consumers to make informed decisions.

Example: Traffic Patterns

Reliable data is the basis for well-planned infrastructure projects, for reducing traffic congestion and for improving public transportation. We supply solid estimates based on a sample that was previously unavailable. (More…)

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