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Motionlogic provides sound analyses of traffic and movement streams based on anonymous signalling data from the mobile communication network. Motionlogic GmbH, a wholly owned Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, came into being through Deutsche Telekom’s research and development division, Telekom Innovation Laboratories. With T-Systems International, we have a strong sales partner at our side. Motionlogic is an international company located in Berlin and currently offers services in Germany, Hungary, Sweden and Croatia.

Where we are heading.

Our vision is to become the most relevant provider of information about flows of traffic and movement - in every market in which we're active.


Our mission is to provide customers with aggregated analyses of traffic and movement streams that either couldn't be analysed before, or only at great expense. These analyses help to dramatically reduce the risk involved in decision making processes. The result is that we deliver added value to our customers, to consumers, and to society as a whole.

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