Where does the data come from?

Motionlogic’s analyses are based on reliable and completely anonymized signalling data from the mobile communication network as well as on selected socio-demographic traits of mobile communication users in an anonymized form.

Whenever somebody uses a cell phone, sends a text message, or makes use of the mobile Internet, this activity is counted by the mobile network cell for network management purposes. Furthermore, cell phones also automatically log in to the mobile network from time to time, thereby providing further data for movement flow analysis. Motionlogic then receives this anonymized data for statistical evaluation.

Is the Data Anonymous?

To ensure reliable anonymization, multiple steps are carried out:

  • Personal information (name, phone number, etc.) is deleted and is not considered in the analysis

  • Movement paths are intersected ensuring that no individual movement profiles are recorded

  • The findings are summarized in statistical analyses

  • These processes take place at a highly secure Deutsche Telekom data centre to which Motionlogic has no access

  • The processes were developed in close consultation with Germany’s Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information

  • The processes are checked and certified by external data protection test bodies

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